Additional Business Banking Services

Remote Deposit
There is no longer the need to rush to the bank to make your deposit. Our Remote Deposit banking product allows you to make deposits to your accounts quickly and safely from the convenience of your office using your computer and the internet. Ask us how to help you save time!

ACH Origination and Wire Transfer Services
Do you send wires or have the need to electronically move funds? Our On Line Banking product provides you with the opportunity to send wires or initiate ACH funds transfers safely from your office using secure and encrypted technology. Talk to your FBB banker today!

Cash Management Services
Whether you need to transfer funds, view your bank statements or reconcile your account, Florida Business Bank’s Cash Management Services provide your business with all the resources needed to successfully manage your money.

Account Transfers
Move funds between Florida Business Bank accounts with real-time confirmations and updates to daily reporting.

Florida Business Bank Visa Card

Commercial and small Business Lending
Looking to expand your business?  Need equipment?  Talk to a Florida Business Bank lender and see how we can help you grow!

Merchant Services
If you are interested in receiving credit cards as a form of payment, we can help!